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Project: 185

The Artist Collective Thomasville resurfaces in a new way this year with Project: 185, an exhibition celebrating the incorporation of Thomasville as a city 185 years ago. Part of Thomasville’s progressive evolution is because of transportation –specifically, planes, trains and automobiles – and Project: 185 brings this history to life, with the help of the Thomas County Historical Society and Grassroots Coffee.

Six hand-picked members from the Artist Collective Thomasville - Emily Arwood, Michael Brennan, Clay Byars, Tracy Foutz-Hunt, John Gleason, and Kim Mazzilli - will be stationed at Grassroots Coffee, where they will paint images of Thomasville’s historical planes, trains, and automobiles in real time. These images will then turn into postcards – so come in and drop your family and friends a line!

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