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Project: 185

The Artist Collective Thomasville resurfaces in a new way this year with Project: 185, an ongoing exhibition celebrating the incorporation of Thomasville as a city 185 years ago.

The first of three exhibitions focused on Thomasville’s progressive evolution through transportation – specifically, planes, trains and automobiles – and Project: 185  brought this history to life, with the help of the Thomas County Historical Society and Grassroots Coffee.

Six hand-picked members from the Artist Collective Thomasville - Emily Arwood, Michael Brennan, Clay Byars, Tracy Foutz-Hunt, John Gleason, and Kim Mazzilli - painted in real time their interpretation of historical images of planes, trains, and automobiles.

These six paintings were then turned into postcards, mailed by Thomasville Center for the Arts in March (be sure to read the fine print, with a note from Grassroots Coffee!). These paintings now can be yours...head to Grassroots and place a bid or call the Center (229.226.0588) if you have questions. Stay tuned for Project: 185's next project!

Meet Project 185's Six Artists

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