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Clay Byars

Born in North Georgia, and raised in Thomasville, Clay Byars graduated from LaGrange College with a BA in Art and Design. For the last fifteen years, he has worked as a graphic designer, starting as a composer for the Forsyth County News, then as advertising manager for Mansour’s, Inc., a small chain of department stores. After doing design work in the communications department at WestPoint Stevens, he served as a designer for a marketing company in Boston.

Clay later served as the Art Director for International Design and Display Group, and is currently an instructor in the Design and Multimedia Program at a small non-profit career college. Though most of his time is consumed with graphic design, he also finds time for painting and photography. He is the president and marketing chair of Thomasville On Stage and Company, a small non-profit community theater organization.



Color Photo

11″ x 17"                    $175