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Darlene Crosby Mathis

Darlene Mathis

Darlene is a junk yard junkie.  She finds her inspiration in old pieces that send her on a trip down memory lane.  With a background in architecture, Darlene went from doing houses from  start to finish…instead, now works from finish to start.  Deconstructing every element, piece by piece, and putting it in an unexpected place, is what she likes to do.

Her new interest in metal work has taken this passion to an entirely new level.  She finds her inspiration “parts” from old cars, popping up as beds, or seeing one of her students as a muse for a playful sculpture.

The most important thing is continuing  to create and grow, and somehow touch a life along the way.


Puzzle at 209


10 round


1939 Chevy Metal Bed


Twin           $1,200


Rusty – Hanging/Floor Lamp


16″ x 3′ x 6′          $275