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David Kurtenbach

On dark cold night the sky above the earth cracked and rumbled. In a flash of blinding brightness a figure floated down from the above. The winds howled, the lights flashed, the sky banged, and the sound that can only be described as 1,000 harmonious trumpets blared in the distance. When the figure reached the earth he unfolded his wings and bestowed a gift the earth. That gift was to give the earth and its people a means of love and hate, happiness and sadness, triumph and defeat; it was a means of expression that could be decreed on any medium. That gift was graffiti.

Long live the SPRAY!!!!

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Einstein and His Bike

Spray Paint on Canvas

16″ x 20″      

Tesla and the Wanderclyfe

Spray Paint on Canvas

18″ x 24″      

Space Dunk

Spray Paint on Canvas

36″ x 36″