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Elizabeth Barber Leventhal

Liz Barber loves to paint.  When she begins her projects, she finds herself taking the object, usually inspired by nature, then abstracting it until it seems to float in a mellow pool of light and organic colors.  Somewhat reflective of her calm personality, her work has a gentleness to it, but underneath, has a stirring of energy waiting to be discovered.  A student of Moore College of Art in Philadelphia and the Massachusetts College of Art, Liz understands the finer points of creating art, and once you see her work, you know she’s at the top of her game.

Liz was commissioned by the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Cosmopolitan Resort and Casio.  Her work is represented in several galleries from Florida to New York and she’s proud that she’s been featured in Southern Living, South Carolina Homes and Gardens, and Art in the US. Although Atlanta is her home, she doesn’t mind traveling to show her work.

When asked about her inspiration, she reflects back to her childhood memories of being in the garden with her mother, “I was happiest outside in the sunlight, and I paint from the perspective of capturing my memory of the way the light moved”.  Using her honed talent and mixing it with nature’s shapes that are so familiar is one way Liz says, “makes me connect with the viewer”.