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Erik Pederson

I experiment with storytelling across a variety of media, from standalone pieces of fiction to ink drawings, installations, and various printmaking techniques. The multiplicity inherent in printmaking plays an important role in how I excavate my family history: No two prints are alike; no two people can tell the same story in the same way; and even a person’s memories change slightly with each conscious recollection. My work embraces these unavoidable failings of language through playful reconstruction of narratives both found and experienced.

Increasingly, I’ve been mining and reimagining the regional folklore of my native Northeastern Pennsylvania and weaving it into my personal narratives. Pierogis and pickled beets. Forested amusement parks. Mine fires. Epileptic brothers. Bootleggers. Living in my mother’s basement.

The imagery often employs the vocabulary of comics: hand-lettered text and panel-bound images working in series and sequences, with an ever-expanding cast of simple, cartoon characters at the fore.


Beatles and Silverfish

4-color reduction woodcut on paper

9.5 x 14.75      $50


Basement Livin'

Silkscreen on paper

11 x 14      $30


The slumber party was a great success

Silkscreen on paper

11 x 14      $30



Silkscreen on paper

11 x 14      $30



Found wood and altered books

2.5' x 6.5'      Not for Sale


Various Explanations (installation detail)

Tar paper, copy paper, push pins, tape

Dimensions variable     Not For Sale