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Erin Jackson

Erin Jackson

When art truly runs through your veins anything can inspire you. I will think of something beautiful to create after doing everything from watching a sunset to watching a movie.
Art is all around us.
I enjoy using mediums such as oil, water color, and acrylic. I have also dabbled in photography, wood, and metal work. I also enjoy long walks in the beach, and poking dead things with a stick. :)
I hope my art inspires others to create, so we can see from through their minds eye.
Up until now my art could only be viewed in such lovely establishments as, my home, my mothers home, and anyone else who was lucky enough to be deemed worthy.
I hope that in finally being willing to sell my art it will make me create more.
If you are interested in anything please contact me at



Cats eye

Acrylic on canvas

36IN x 24IN – $1,200


Wisps of color

Acrylic on wood and canvas

36in x 48in            $1,300



Lonely mountain

Oil on Canvas

16in x 18in           $1,000


Dark tree

Oil on wood

36in x 24in         $1,100


Wild Horse

Acrylic on Canvas

16 x 18        $800



Bar Meeting


12in x 16in $800