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Gaelin Craighead

My work revolves around repetitive sewing techniques that allow me to reflect on my personal history and inheritances as well as my spirituality. The work serves as an avenue for mediation while working. I work in techniques such as weaving, crochet, and fabric collage. I use various materials such as fabric scraps, dress patterns, yarn, and found objects. I am interested in the collaging of materials and the use of scale to create narrative experiences for my viewers.

“To let threads be articulate again and find a form for themselves to no other end that their own orchestration, not to be sat on, walked on, only to be looked at, is the raison d’être of my pictorial weavings.” -Anni Albers


Woven thread, yarn and roving

5′3" x 20"              NFS

Weaving #1

Woven thread, yarn, ribbon and doily

10" x 12"              $350

Making Sense of the Gap

Cotton, silk, organza, dress patterns, ribbon

3' x 4'              $950

She Taught Me How

Embroidery on linen

10" x 10"              NFS