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Hillery Richards

I have always been involved in art in one way or another. Majority of my recent art is from Colorado State University where I recently graduated with 2 degrees; BS in Business Administration and a BFA in Painting. I also majored in sculpture. The subject matter of my work varies but I do majority of my paintings in oils as I enjoy the fluidity of the medium. Although, I enjoy painting all kinds of subject matter, animals are my favorite. I began working at Clanton-Malphus-Hodges Veterinarian Hospital at a very young age and after years of helping a wide variety of critters from GA to CO, I realized I loved to translate their personality, liveliness and even their soul into my paintings.


Buddy’s Ball

Oil on Canvas

4′ x 5′              $2,000



Oil on Canvas

18″ x 24″              Not for Sale



Oil on Canvas

4′ x 5′              $1,000


Cat Interruption

Oil on Canvas

3′ x 4′             $700


Brown Paper Bag Study

Oil on Masonite

3′ x 4′              $300


Andrew’s Right Side

Oil on Canvas

18″ x 24″              $700