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Jessica Dell

Jessica Dell is a native of South Georgia. She grew up roaming and riding horses through the woods of Thomas County. As an only child, she spent her early years exploring and drawing fanciful horses, fantastical characters, and imaginative landscapes.

Jessica enjoys pottery, printmaking, photography, and painting. Her work at present is whimsical and colorful. She studied art at Berry College, Georgia Highlands College, and Georgia State University. Jessica earned her Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts degree with honors from Thomas University.

As an art educator, Jessica loves teaching. She strives to convey to her students an eye for the arrangement of visual elements, composition, and an appreciation of light and shadow. She truly endeavors to open up each student’s world to creative, collaborative, and critical thinking, to provide the tools for self-expression and an understanding of visual and cultural literacy and the history of the Fine Arts.



36″ x 60″


Into the Blue

Giclee print on canvas with 2″ gallery wrap

18″ x 24″          $215


Perfect Landing

Giclee print on canvas with 2″ gallery wrap

20″ x 28″          $230


On the Green




Giclee print on canvas with 2″ gallery wrap

16″ x 20″          $175




5″ x 7″