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Lisa Phipps

Literally “fashionably green,” Chic Verte jewelry and accessories are steeped in southern tradition and reflective of the oak-shaded, moss-draped plantation landscape. A rare find in a sea of expected jewelry and often duplicated accessory options, Chic Verte offers unique, handcrafted pieces naturally procured from the abundance of the earth and repurposed by Founding Artisan, Lisa S. Phipps. Reflective of the quiet beauty in nature, Chic Verte celebrates a life that is more engaged with the land. With a passion for conservation, Chic Verte designs start with naturally fallen materials that have been ethically harvested.

Committed to both conservation and artistry, the Chic Verte creation process is fashionably green beginning with the artistically inspiring discovery of naturally fallen materials, carefully aged by the elements and through to the handcrafted creation of each one-of-a-kind piece. Once transformed into jewelry, these treasures serve as a reminder of the beauty that awaits outside.


White Topaz with Antler Slice Drops

Deer Antler, white topaz, gold

1"     $118

Mini Wood Necklace

Pecan Wood, Gold Plated chain

1.5" wide by 16" long     $78

Oyster with Pearl Cuff

Oyster, Cultured pearl, Brass

2" wide     $148

Antler Tips Charm Bracelet

Antler, gold plated chain

7" long     $178

BAM Necklace

Oak Wood

32"     $278

Pecan Belt Buckle with Silver Trim

Pecan Wood, stainless steel

1.5" high by 2.5" wide     $88