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Michele “Page” Webster

Page Webster is a native Floridian – born and raised in Miami. Her Florida roots run deep, and she’s proud to say she’s traced her family lineage to the original founders of St. Augustine, Florida, from Majorca, Spain.

Her work background has been interior design for more than 30 years, with a personal goal “to enhance the beauty of our environment”.  Page’s love of nature and architecture has brought her to the world of art.  “It’s my goal to share my creative outlet with others, so that they too can share in the joy of beauty”.

Her time and talents are dedicated to the arts, to benefit “The Etta Frances Page Foundation“, created in the loving memory of her mother. The “EFPF” was created for the purpose of placing healing and uplifting artwork in children’s hospital rooms around the state of Florida.

All proceeds from the sale of Page’s artwork support “EFPF”.


Dry Creek Falls

Dry Creek Falls – North Carolina

Acrylic on Canvas
48″ x 24″           $3,500.00 USD
Private Collection