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Paige Forshay

Duality of meaning and interplay of images, objects and text are cornerstones of my work. The serendipitous and unexpected drive my projects in the haze of a messy studio. Frequently, I make components for a piece only to have them revealed in an unexpected way. I use mixed media as a vehicle to experiment with many different types of techniques and materials, from sewing to casting, construction to collage, lending credence to the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none.” Growing up, I was fascinated by trinkets, contents of junk drawers, and old cigar boxes of family members. These containers are portraits with the small treasures that float in and out of our lives. My prior work in anthropology/archeology informed my lust for the artifactual remains of people’s lives and experiences. As such, my pieces are portraits of ideas that are communicated and filtered through my mind.

Journey Not Taken
Mixed, Wood, Plaster, Wire
6" x 7"      $150


Gamble of Domesticity
Mixed, Wood, Wire
3" x 20"     $150


Study in Bullets
Monoprint, Transfer, Paper
2.5" x 3.5"     Not for Sale


Mixed, Wood, Fabric
6" x 7"     $150