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Patrick Foster

Patrick Foster is a painter and musician who spent his childhood in Albany, Georgia. He attended Darton College (Albany, Georgia) as well as a year at Columbus College of Art and Design (Columbus, Ohio). His paintings are explorations of his own inner world in the form of colorful, often allegorical, imagery.

“I use painting my means to both explore and release my emotions-- the ones I am aware of and those beneath the surface. Although each piece is intensely personal in meaning, I try to keep the emotions universal enough for any viewer to identify with. Although I create for myself, hopefully that infusion of my realty is what carries meaning to others viewing the paintings.”


We Never Were


24" x 36"        $450


Domestic Bliss

Oil on Canvas

22"x 28"     $500

 Madonna and Child


24"x 20"    $400

Figure between Trees

Oil on Canvas

22"x 28"      $400

Guest of Honor

Oil on Canvas

36" x 24"    $700