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Roger Raepple

I enjoy experimenting with different subjects and different genre, different styles and different processes, different cameras and different accessories. For me photography encourages the fun of exploring and discovering new ways to relate to and reveal a subject or a feeling. The joy of searching for the new subject or new location is refreshing and invigorating and I try, many times unsuccessfully, to interpret rather than record what I find. I select a photographic approach (e.g., infrared, black and white, double exposure, use of a texture, etc.) dependent on the subject, the light and the mood. My goal is to have each viewer see something for the first time in a different way.

Pecan Grove
Photograph (double exposure)
13" x 24"        $350

Window and Reflection
17" x 23"        $400

18" x 18"        $400

Infrared Photography
10" x 16"       $250

10" x 18"      $250

Capitol and Washington Monument

16" x 20"      $350