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Tammy Ziegler

My painting style is more folk art than anything, although I never know what direction I might take from day to day. I like heavy rich colors and lots of textures. I paint for relaxation and just to clear my mind at the end of a busy day, painting is such a great escape and I never know where it will take me! My career is in business, which is a far cry from painting, and I think that is why I enjoy painting because, it gives me peace and alone time that is just not possible in my every day life. So, when you look at one of my paintings know that it was painted by a happy, peaceful person that was loving what she was doing at that moment.

Sweet Dreams


16″ x 16″      $75

Harvest Moon


27″ x 27″      $125

A'rbol Verde


24″ x 24″      $125



12″ x 20″      $75