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Walter Abbott

Art to me is life itself. I'm inspired by music and the world around me. What I see and feel is what I paint. My work has personal meaning on a deep emotional level and is expressed in ways that cannot be put into words. I use my imagination to express how I feel because somethings cannot be explained. I tend to see things on the border of fantasy and reality and my imagination can combine both worlds into one. Though some of my work might seem dark, it has a positive meaning to it. Where there is darkness there is always light.

Life in Check
18" x 24"              $500


16" x 20"              $300


The Lounge
Oil and Acrylic
20" x 24"              $500


The Storm
14" x 18"              $350


9" x 12"              $150


The Lonely
9" x 12"              $150