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Denise D Boineau

Denise D Boineau

Born & Raised:
Washington, DC Raised: Durham, NC… I’m a city girl born and a country girl bred!

What do you love to do:
I love to paint oils and acrylics on both canvas and paper. My art is a reflection of a life in motion – I like to slow down and capture a moment in time whether it is a horse galloping or a model behind the scenes frantically getting ready for her moment.

Craft Facts:
Worked in New York’s fashion industry with stints at Seventeen Magazine, Calvin Klein and Macy’s as a fashion director. Many of my ideas are a reflection of that time period. My Calvin Klein experience has inspired me to strip the color in some of my paintings in order to focus the eye on the movement and I love discovering a new designer or trend in which I can develop a series.

Artist Inspiration: 
Toulouse Lautrec, Matisse, Alice Neel