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Tracy Leigh Foutz-Hunt


Tracy Leigh Foutz-Hunt
Born & Raised:

Born: Richmond, VA; Raised: Roanoke, VA
Artistic Background & Education:

I am self-taught, but recently have taken a couple of workshops with nationally famous artists.
Favorite thing about the Artist Collective Thomasville:

The many different projects and the challenges that allow me to think “outside the box” and try new processes that I wouldn’t normally attempt.
Why is it important for you to share Thomasville’s history through Project185’s next phase, Sign of the Times?

I always have been interested in a region's’ history. Thomasville has such a wonderful city that offers so much for the resident as well as traveler. The city’s past has been so well documented throughout the years, and I am excited about the chance to work on a project that will be so visible to the public.